Magnetic Spindle for Newer CAS Turner


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3/4" PVC with magnet.  8.5" long.

You read that right.  These will work with newer Cup-A-Saurus turners.  No more need to turn a thumb screw.  Just slip it on and go!*

See the picture above.  If your turner arms look like this, this is the magnetic spindle you need.

8.5 inch length.  (Same as before)

3/4 inch PVC. (Same as before)

Due to high demand, please allow 5-10 business days to ship.

*Since not all 3/4 PVC has the same interior diameter, some spindles will not be as snug as others.  We recommend making up the difference with a litter painters tape on your turner arm to get the spidle snug and to keep if from freely spinning while working with your cup.