Cup-A-Saurus® Tar Pit - Dual Epoxy Mixer

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Cup-A-Saurus™® Tar-Pit Dual Epoxy Mixer with Silicone Cups!


Motorized 2 cup epoxy mixer
2 - Reuseable Silicone Cups
2 - Stir Sticks

The smaller cup holds approximately 60ml epoxy and designed for smaller batches.  The larger cup holds approximately 150ml of epoxy.

The Tar Pit allows you to multi-task and while epoxy is mixing and alleviates tedious hand stirring.  Not designed to speed up the mixing process and may take up to 15 minutes to mix a full cup, depending on epoxy brand and environment.   

If you're not sure you need an Epoxy mixer this big, check out our YouTube video:

Instructions: Tar Pit - Dual