Beach Herd Bundle

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Welcome to the Beach Herd Bundle, where art meets the ocean! This magical bundle has everything you'll need to create a masterpiece that will make a splash with your friends and family. Crafted by our team of mystical artisans with only the finest glitter and love, this bundle is sure to elevate your artistic flair.

Inside this wondrous bundle, you'll find an assortment of jars filled with glittery goodness. From Glitter/Barnyard Mixes to Glitter/By Color Family/Pinks, every jar is a treasure trove of shimmering hues that will add depth and dimension to your artwork.

Let your imagination run wild with the exquisite color combinations of Glitter/Chunky and Glitter/Holographic. With this bundle, the possibilities are endless, and the sky is truly the limit for your creativity and vision.

Individually, these magical jars would cost you $24.50. But with the Beach Herd Bundle, you can get them all for only $22.50! 

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of glitter art and create something truly magnificent. Embrace the magic of the Beach Herd Bundle, and let your creativity flow like the tide. Order yours now and experience the wonder that only sparkling art can bring!