Cup-A-Saurus ™® Pen Adapter - Holds 6 pens


Cup-A-Saurus ™® Pen Adapter - Holds 6 pens


Cup-A-Saurus™® Pen Adapter

Custom fit adaptor for Cup-A-Saurus™® Cup Turners Only

This adapter is very unique because it will accept any type of pen holder you would like to use from something as small around as an ink cartridge to larger straws or pencils. 

The included rubber bands simply lift up to hold your straw or other item firmly in place.

Please see demonstration videos on our website.   

Attachment fits directly to our cup turner instead of the normal spindle. 

Attach to the Cup-A-Saurus™® turner.

Instructions:  Pen Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jenny H.
Great addition to the turner

Love this! It works great with straws and is easy to take off and on with the rubber bands

Jenny Hall (Cedar Rapids, US)
Great product!!

I just used this a few nights ago and with the rubber bands it is very easy to attach , even with one hand ! LOVE IT !

David (Columbus, US)
Overall great

Wish the motors would turn just a bit faster. Built very well and enjoying the pen holder and attachment!

Alyssa H (Independence, US)
Pen Adapter

This pen adapter has been great to use when doing epoxy pens. I’ve already brought a second one

BreeAnna Holden (Citrus Heights, US)

Amazing products and great customer service! I am in love with my cup-a-saurus turners!!!

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