Cup-A-Saurus® Turner - 9 Station


Cup-A-Saurus® Turner - 9 Station



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Cup-A-Saurus™® Rex 9 Station Cup Turner. Exclusive Patented Design!

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Product features:

  • End-User replaceable motor
  • All Steel main Shafts (NOT PVC) - Ball Bearing on the main shafts, no plastic shims to wear out.
  • Compact design. 5 Stations on one side, 4 on the other.
  • Comes with 9 removable spindles and our exclusive Foam-Tastic
  • High efficiency 4 Watt Motor - 3 rpm (Motor is end-user replaceable, can be changed in 2 minutes)
  • All stations turn the same direction and can be manually reversed.
  • Very quiet. No wobble. Perfect finish on your cup comes from level steady turning.
  • If you're looking for a high quality production machine this is the highest quality turner around.
  • If you're looking for different sizes we have a 3 and 5 station machines as well.


Are they quiet?
YES, SUPER QUIET. No chugging, no squeak, no screech!

Are they sturdy?
YES! They are designed to load any size tumbler you can fit on the spindle. No need to balance both sides, use one or all stations at once with difference size cups.

How long are the spindles?
8 1/2" long 3/4" PVC spindles with thumb screws to hold cup to turner. Foam slides on the spindle and doesn't come off.

What kind of foam do they come with?
Memory type exclusive Foam-Tastic that is 4" wide and 6" tall. It will squeeze to approximately half that size and fits, 20-30 and 40 oz cups.

Do I need to oil or lubricate the gears?

Will they last?
FOR SURE! All steel shafts on ball bearings.  Way overbuilt for the application.  We're here to help if you have any issues.  We are happy to support what we sell. 

Do We Have a Patent?
Yes we do!  US Patent 11,253,977

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Robbie H.
I love my 9 cup

I love my 9 cup turner

Crissy Carsten (Springfield, US)
Now I am spinning

I recently purchased the 9 cup turner. I honestly have no idea why I did not purchase this beast sooner. Its quiet, and keeps my cups level. The foam is fantastic and will fit any size of cup. I no longer have to struggle with the flower foam pieces that I despised from Amazon. I have retired all of my other turners and only use my cupasaurus turner. Thank you for an exceptional product.

Kari Cunningham (Thomasville, US)
Amazing products!

I have purchased many different products and am extremely happy with every single purchase! The turners are so worth the investment! The sand-a-saurus and stand-a-saurus are a game changer!!

Ashley Keen (Indianapolis, US)

Love my new cup turner, the spindles screw on so easily and keeps the cup on the turner snug and level.

Shauna Brooks (Dunbar, US)
I won't buy any other turner!

I'm sure the title says it all! This in my 3rd turner from them (plus I have purchased tar pits, dino sticks, among other things) and none of them have ever let me down. I purchased my first one roughly 3 years ago, and it's still going strong! And the are quick to respond to your questions! You will NOT regret your purchase!!

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