About Us

Cup-A-Saurus was born in January 2017 in Cedar Rapids Iowa

After receiving a custom tumbler from a family member at Christmas 2016, we were immediately star struck with the craft!  What began as an effort to build a better cup turner for family use, quickly became a full time business!  In 2018 we were blessed to receive a registered trademark and patent on our products!

Cup-A-Saurus is 100% owned and operated by family.  As we have grown, we have enlisted and sometimes begged for family help!   

In 2018, as the demand for drying stands and other accessory products grew, we had to meet the need,  so our daughter, Darla in Ohio, took on the project and CupasaurusToo was born.

In 2019, we knew it was time to make an epoxy mixer so we enlisted our son Michael to build them for us!    Our daughter Dayna loves glitter, so we took on a small amount of quality glitter products as a convenience to our customers.

As of June, 2020 we are a team of 5.  Susan is the only one working full time.  Mark, Michael, Dayna and Darla all work full time at other professions and lend their help on evenings and weekends.   We also get help packaging from our granddaughters, Gracie and Madison and in-laws Lionel & Betty.  They are the ones putting screws in and wrapping pvc, and adding the goodies to the boxes!

We have chosen to grow slow and steady in order to adapt and improve our products and services to meet the growing craft community.   We are dedicated to building a quality product with professional service and support.  Sometimes this means a wait list for our products, and often we have to just take a break to catch up or take a rest.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering our products for your crafting needs.  We are blessed to be a part of this community and strive to earn and keep your business.



If you decide to give our products a try, we welcome you to our Cup-A-Saurus Family!