Cup-A-Saurus™® MEGA PIT 300 ml Silicone Cups

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Cup-A-Saurus™® MEGA PIT 300 ml Silicone Cups

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The Cup-A-Saurus™® MEGA PIT 300 ml Silicone Cups are the perfect addition to your Mega Pit experience. Say goodbye to flimsy paper or plastic cups that can easily spill or tip over. With these durable silicone cups, you can enjoy your favorite beverages without any worries.

Each set includes two cups, each having a generous capacity of 300ml or 8oz. These cups may look compact, but they can hold up to 350ml when filled to the top. However, due to the specific design of the Mega Pit, it is recommended to fill them up to approximately 300ml to avoid any spillage or wastage.

The silicone material used in these cups ensures their longevity and resistance to breakage. Unlike traditional cups, these won't shatter if accidentally dropped, making them ideal for outdoor events or parties. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them with you to picnics, camping trips, or any other gathering.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, these cups will complement any table setting or party theme. The vibrant colors add a touch of excitement to your drinkware collection. The smooth surface of the cups makes them easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Cup-A-Saurus™® MEGA PIT 300 ml Silicone Cups are not just for liquids. Their versatile design allows them to be used for snacks, desserts, or even as small storage containers. The silicone material is food-grade and BPA-free, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

With their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, these cups are also suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Whether you're sipping a refreshing iced drink or enjoying a piping hot beverage, you can rely on these cups to keep your drink at the desired temperature for longer.

Upgrade your Mega Pit experience with the Cup-A-Saurus™® MEGA PIT 300 ml Silicone Cups. Durable, versatile, and stylish, they are the perfect addition to any party or gathering. Enjoy your favorite beverages in style and bring a touch of fun to your next event with these vibrant cups.