Tumblerpoxy 2.0 Quart Kit Tumblerpoxy 2.0 Quart Kit
Tumblerpoxy 2.0 Quart Kit $55.00
Fast-set type Epoxy 32 ounce kit16 oz PART A 16  oz PART B THICK THICK THICK ESPECIALLY WHEN COLD. Let come to room temperature before using right after delivery. During cold weather months please mix for 5-8 mins because it’s so thick. Cold weather makes all epoxies thicker so a longer stir time is required. Room temperature that works great for 2.0 is 72°-76° CAN NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE USA: NO PO BOX ADDRESSES ALLOWED  Tumblerpoxy 2.0 10/10 UV Protection! The BEST UV protection you can get in an epoxy! Perfect for all layers including topcoats and on white tumblers and artwork.  PLEASE STORE ALL EPOXIES IN YOUR CLIMATE CONTROLLED HOME. Any epoxy that gets too cold (frozen) or too hot WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY! DO NOT STORE EPOXY IN YOUR GARAGE. TUMBLERPOXY 2.0: storing and working temperatures of 70°-80° for the best results! 20-25 minute work time Dry to touch in 5 hours or less depending on room temperature 1:1 RATIO 400-to-500-degree heat resistant FDA Compliant when fully cured for a minimum of 72 hours! ⭐️All Tumblerpoxy epoxies are proudly made right here in the USA! 
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